Meditation Retreats 101: How To Find A Retreat and What to Expect

One of my deepest pathways of healing has been my meditation practice. As a regular meditator, I look forward to attending a couple meditation retreats a year to support my practice. We spend so much of our lives in a state of noise and busy-ness. Retreats give us the space to slow down and get quiet-- two of the necessary steps for healing.

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Sadhana and Self-Care

When we are feeling the push and pull of our everyday lives and the world around us, one way to come back to ourselves and our power is by maintaining a daily practice that supports us. This blog piece dives into my recent experience of going from a low, doubting place to a place of genuine power and self-trust through my sadhana and self-care practices.

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The Beginning of Heart Grounding

It's happening! For years now I've wondered how my healing work would one day evolve, and how I might share it with others. It's the most meaningful work I've ever done, and I consider it a real honor to get to work with others so intimately.

I do not think of myself as a healer. I think of myself as someone who helps people learn how to heal themselves. "Healing" is an ongoing process that I believe takes a lifetime of commitment. We're always growing, always changing, and we can always open to new experiences if we choose to do so.

Thank you for your interest in working together and learning from each other.

With love,