Listen to My Guest Appearance on the Out To Be Podcast!

I recently hopped on Katie Zaccardi’s OUT TO BE podcast to discuss holistic healing through self-empowerment and share some stories about my path. It was so nice to team up with Katie and be a part of her podcast that serves to help awaken and bring healing to folks in the music industry. After pushing myself into overdrive and chronic stress for many years in the music world, it’s important to me to have conversations like this that open up possibility and offer hope!

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The Beginning of Heart Grounding

It's happening! For years now I've wondered how my healing work would one day evolve, and how I might share it with others. It's the most meaningful work I've ever done, and I consider it a real honor to get to work with others so intimately.

I do not think of myself as a healer. I think of myself as someone who helps people learn how to heal themselves. "Healing" is an ongoing process that I believe takes a lifetime of commitment. We're always growing, always changing, and we can always open to new experiences if we choose to do so.

Thank you for your interest in working together and learning from each other.

With love,