Healing Through Societal Injustice (A Response to Current Events)

I initially wrote this blog piece explaining how blaming and shaming men isn’t useful right now- that it distracts us from being with our own experience of thousands of years of injustice, and that in order to heal, we must first move through and learn from our own feelings in our bodies, and then we can zoom out, see the greater picture, take action from that space, and have compassion for the other side as they transform and we dismantle the patriarchy together!

And woof, that process is as big and as long as that sentence. I DO see that it’s the path to our freedom in the long term, but I also see that right now- especially since Kavanaugh was confirmed and so much pain has arisen- it is our duty to focus on step one of the process. We must allow ourselves to feel, move through, and learn from our bodily experiences. Our bodies carry our deepest wisdom. This age is about waking up to our OWN power and becoming our own teachers. We can only do this through going within and opening to ourselves.

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