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Shamanic Drum Birthing Workshop with Mia Luz

Shamanic Drum Birthing Workshop 11/17 with Mia Luz!

I’m elated to be hosting @drumdoula in Hudson on Sunday, November 17 for a shamanic medicine drum workshop! Mia is known for her healing drum medicine. I first heard about her work last year through a friend who had experienced one of her workshops. I’ve felt called to work with her ever since, and now the time aligns for her to bring her magic to Hudson!

During our time together, Mia will be sharing basic shamanic traditions and rituals, and as a final passage, she drums over each newly born drum to pass on the vibration of the linage of drums from the Ojibwe that has been passed down to each new drum for generations.

Participants can choose between a 14", 16", or 18" round elk-hide drum with a cedar frame and mallet. To make them, we only use carefully selected natural, raw or recycled materials with respect and reverence for the animals and trees provided by the creator. Mia personally cuts all drum-heads and lacing by hand, always from the same animal hide as to not have opposing energies/personalities in the drum. All frames are handmade in British Columbia, using only salvaged Yellow Cedar wood.

This date is a while away, but space will fill up, so I recommend registering in advance! You can sign up through Mia’s website here: If you have any questions, please reach out. ❤️