How we can work together

In my healing space with my Sound tools in Hudson, NY

In my healing space with my Sound tools in Hudson, NY

I share intimate healing events at my home in Hudson. These and other gatherings will be announced in my newsletter and posted on the Events page. All are welcome; simply Email me to sign up.

I also share workshops and classes at people's businesses, at conferences and festivals, and within various healing communities. These will be posted to my Events page as well if they're open to the public.

The deepest way of working together is through a one-on-one session. This could be at my home in Hudson, in another town/city where I'm visiting, at your house or office (depending on the location), or online. A typical session is outlined below, and you can book an appointment here.

** I newly offer 30-minute sliding scale sessions in the form of Energy + Sound Tune-Ups or Shamanic Journeying every Thursday in Hudson! Get in touch or schedule an appointment if you’re feeling called. **

If we work together once and you feel you'd like more support, I offer three- and six-session packages at a discounted rate, and/or I can create a customized package for you based on your needs that includes multiple sessions as well as Email+phone support.

One-on-one Sessions

I group my healing sessions under the following: Energy + Sound Healing, Spirit-Guided Coaching, Shamanic Journeying + Ceremony, Voice Empowerment, and Kundalini Yoga + Meditation. I also offer a special 90-minute or two-hour DEEP DIVE session for people who are seeking extra support. Please see below for more information on all of these offerings.

Our work together is about peeling back the layers and creating a sacred space to open and welcome healing. It is in this space that we connect to intuition, Spirit, and truly listen to the soul's calling.

Once you schedule your appointment, I'll have you fill out an intake form to get a better idea of your background and where you'd like to experience change. I then meditate with the information you provide so that I can feel into how to best support you.

I take time before each session to clear the space and set intentions (this includes online appointments). We begin our time together by briefly reviewing what you’re looking to accomplish, and then we get started. Every session includes a follow-up Email with a summary of our work and a recommended home practice.



Sometimes as a result of stress or trauma, energy can become “stuck” in different parts of the body, affecting our ability to function optimally. Using the power of vibrational medicine, these sessions aid opening, flow, and rejuvenation!

We begin an Energy + Sound Healing session by creating a space of stillness as we check in with your needs and intentions for our time together. I’ll then guide you through an embodied meditation while smudging grounding herbs to help the mind settle. You then relax back to receive the Energy + Sound for the remainder of the session.

In addition to Sound, I use Reiki, Prayer, and Shamanic techniques to promote harmony and facilitate healing. I have a large variety of Sound tools I work with, including an Atlantis Chau Gong, Shamanic Drum, Shruti Box, Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Bells, Shells, and Rattles, and I also use my voice to channel sounds and songs of healing. Crystals, flowers, herbs, and Tarot cards are a part of the session as well, offering further energetic support and guidance.


My coaching offers a mix of all the healing work I’ve done. Depending on a person’s needs, we may focus on moving out of victimhood, releasing shame, establishing boundaries, healing addiction, befriending the body, cultivating self-love, or forging healthy relationships… it depends entirely on where the person is! I use a combination of Channeling, Mindfulness, Embodiment/Somatic practices, Metaphysics, Numerology, and Tarot while coaching clients. We focus on coming into the present moment with awareness and kindness in order to release harmful thinking and move into clarity. This allows us to form a new relationship with ourselves, changing the neurological pathways of stimulus and response in the brain.

Through Spirit-guided coaching, it's possible to gain insight that you otherwise wouldn't receive on your own because of limiting beliefs, or because you're resisting feeling the emotions that allow you to access particular insight. The idea is that, as we face more and more of what's been pushed away for so long, we free ourselves from suffering. This takes time and practice, but lasting results are possible!


Shamanic Journeying is a tool for answering our deepest questions and getting to the root of any problem. It helps us meet the Spirit Guides we need along our path, and form a stronger relationship with our Highest Self. During Shamanic Journeying work, I guide a client through a journey that addresses their specific needs. I also teach how to journey so that a client can practice on their own and develop their skills over time. This is key for self-empowerment.

Alongside Journeying, I offer Shamanic Ceremony to help create a sacred, healing space for any occasion. Ceremony can be a part of daily life, or it can be something we use when we’re going through a big change. Ceremony connects us with Spirit and brings us ease along our path. I’ve shared ceremonies for new intentions and greater self love, for releasing harmful habits and relationships, for consciously transitioning from one season to the next, for welcoming a new family member, for grieving the loss of a loved one… there is a ceremony for every part of life, and each one takes a different form, bringing healing in its own unique way. If you’d like to work together for a ceremony, please Email me directly so we can discuss what you’re looking to accomplish and how much time we’ll need, and then we’ll schedule a time to meet.

Private Cacao Ceremony: I offer these ceremonies for people looking to slow down, move deeper into the heart, and be with themselves more fully. Raw, ceremonial-grade cacao is a potent heart opener; working with cacao in this way helps energy / emotion flow. During these ceremonies, we will cover the history, properties, and benefits of cacao, and we’ll make our own cacao brew together before opening up the ceremonial space. We’ll use Intention, Prayer, Channeling, and Sound to help direct energy and invite healing. You can schedule a private Cacao Ceremony as part of a 90-minute or two-hour Deep Dive session. If you’d like to bring this ceremony into a private group event, please contact me.



Connecting to the healing energy of the Universe through the voice can unlock the throat chakra and bring transformation in the form of self-expression, self-empowerment, inner trust, and leadership. This process looks different for everyone.  While working with clients, I use classic vocal/singing techniques, Kundalini chanting and mantra work, posture and relaxation techniques to support full expression, Reiki to bring love and encourage opening, and ceremony to bring out the messages that need to be heard! In a ceremony, I'll bring a Shamanic Drum and other instruments into our sacred space and guide you to let out allll the sounds you've been holding back. This is an incredibly empowering experience, to vulnerably voice your truth and let yourself be seen+heard in the process. This works especially well in groups.


Kundalini Yoga is a yogic science that brings people in direct contact with the soul. Through practicing powerful kriyas and meditations, one strengthens the body, mind, and spirit. There are countless kriyas and meditations that are geared toward accomplishing specific goals, such as increasing prosperity, creating emotional balance,  aiding digestion, or opening the heart. Some of the meditations include chanting/mantra; others do not.

For my Kundalini Yoga + Meditation sessions, I determine which kriyas/exercise sequences and meditations best support your current life situation and are in line with your personal numerology. We then practice one set together, and I write up a recommended 40-day Sadhana (daily practice) for you to implement at home. Our session includes a check-in Email from me on Day 20.


If you are feeling disconnected from your heart and purpose and you’d like extra support, I offer these 90-minute or two-hour DEEP DIVE sessions that provide alignment, love, and healing. We work together intuitively during these sessions to meet you where you are and bring you the care that you most need. These sessions might include multiple modalities, with tarot and numerology combined… I might do some deeper channeling work… whatever your heart is longing for! People leave these sessions remembering their truth, feeling connected, inspired, and ready to face life.